temper opens third site in Covent Garden

temper Covent Garden now open...

Hot on the heels of the first temper in Soho, Temper City opened last year and switched focus towards Indian food. Now the third restaurant from Neil Rankin and Sam Lee in Covent Garden will pivot toward pizza - cooked in a wood-fired oven and it’s looking great. With a courtyard for outside seating it’s the perfect venue for this third site.

Like all of the temper restaurants, it’s dominated by a large open kitchen with a big wood-fired oven for pizza and an excellent bar within the kitchen displaying a dazzling selection of Vermouth.


The Food:

The Detroit Pizza is a big puffy, deep-pan number boasting cheese crusts smothered with toppings like whole soft-shell crabs, onions, green chilli and brown crab sour cream.

The Bar Pizza is a wafer-thin, cracker-like version topped with gems like cured Wagyu beef or mozzarella, clams, red onion and samphire.

Both are served up alongside other Italian classics like goat ragu, and beef fat and pesto-stuffed tortellini.

The Drinks:

There’s so much here to see and like, and it’s great to find pizza done ‘Rankin-style’.  

temper Covent Garden

5 Mercer Walk, Mercers Yard, WC2H 9FA
Monday–Thursday 12pm–11.30pm
Friday–Saturday 12pm–12am

Phone: 020 3004 6669
Email: cgreservations@temperrestaurant.com
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Fraser Bradshaw