Hello Lino

Housed in a converted Linoleum factory in the square mile, Lino takes a new approach to drinking and dining in the city.


Created by Sarah Clarke, Managing Director of Wright & Bell, Lino brings something different to London’s square mile. Lino re-use, re-love and re-imagine. From salvaged light fittings to sustainably sourced materials – giving overlooked pieces a chance to shine. At Lino they bake, ferment, pickle and cure onsite, mixing old classics and shaking up new combinations. Making the most of seasonal shrubs, herbs, fruits and veg - everything served is inspired by what’s available.

‘Doing something genuinely new in a restless city is tricky. It’s not obvious how much sharper you can be when everyone around you is trying to be so cutting edge you could slice your finger open on them,’ states restaurant critic Jay Rayner. ‘It’s all exceptionally accomplished and good value, as you would expect from a chef like Richard Falk who worked alongside Robin Gill at the Dairy in Clapham.’

Located just a stone's throw from Smithfield Market, the warehouse is clad in its original glazed tiles with 12ft high double doors making up the entryway. Once indoors, guests encounter a large clover-shaped tulipwood bar that acts as a centrepiece, lined with shelves of craft spirits and jars of house ferments to be infused into cocktails, such as their take on the classic Snowball. Shades of peach and pink make up the space, with rustic green brass fixtures to complement the stylish European design. 

Richard Falk takes the helm of both bar and kitchen, creating menus that are low-waste and span across the day. Lunch and dinner offerings include sauerkraut and Montgomery cheddar croquettes, Belted Galloway wing rib of beef, with oxtail and potato tart to share. There is also a selection of sweet treats, such as the sumptuous-sounding croissant ice cream with brown butter, blood orange and coffee, made from left-over homemade pastries from the breakfast kiosk.

This is the third site from the Wright & Bell team, the people behind  The Kitty Hawk and Whyte & Brown in Kingly Court.

For further information, talk to the team at Lino:
Lino, 90 Bartholomew Close, EC1A 7EB
T: 020 8016 5199 / reservations@linolondon.co.uk / www.linolondon.co.uk

Fraser Bradshaw