Imbiba: helping to develop the best in an MD

Imbiba: helping to develop the best in an MD

Follow from the front

The traditional idea of management was based on leading by fear and the notion of command and control.  Now management is collaborative and collegiate.

Understand technology

If you have a good understanding of what is happening with technology, you will always be able to adapt and evolve ahead of the competition.

Lead by example

Management must be the ones on the ground level using the same tools that the rest of the employees are using.  There is no way that employees can change and evolve (nor should they) unless they see their managers doing the same.

Embrace vulnerability

Vulnerability is the absolute heartbeat of innovation and creativity.  Being vulnerable isn’t about being weak it’s about being courageous; a key quality that every manager must have going forward.


Belief in sharing

Managers now rely on employees to help make decisions instead of isolating them from this process.  If you have got what it takes to manage one of our new ventures, get in touch in confidence here.