Temper makes an impact on the City

Temper makes an impact on the City with gin, new world wines and curry cooked over an open fire pit.

The Temper team has preserved all the elements that made the first site in Soho so successful - a dramatic open kitchen with 6 metre grill and poultry smoker; hefty cuts of meat smoked ‘low and slow’ over wood and charcoal and their own on-site butchery.


It’s all packed into a moody burgundy and polished wood dining room, with a slick marble dining counter sweeping around the kitchen, and a mezzanine dining level. There’s an outdoor drinking courtyard, where you can sample the top-shelf wine list or the unique serves for each of the 20 international gins they’re stocking.


Media reviews have been excellent with coverage across press and TV. Find out more at temper online.